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Why bicycle?

I like reading people’s blog, but I never had one in my life. But that’s not a reason why I should have a blog of my own, yes no? I dont want to jump into the band wagon and start one, then end up with nothing to write on my blog either.

Soon I am going into retirement, passed my working life and have lots of time doing nothing after more than 30 years behind the desk. What should I do then? I ve this idea that blogging could be something useful for my later life, and I could write about bicycle. Bicycle? Who the heck wants to read about bicycle? Well, I shouldnt bother if anyone read or not, at least I have something to write on, and I love bicycles. I used to love motorbikes, but I think it will be quite a burden for me to maintain them after I retire from work, as money will be the main factor behind it. As a retiree I will only get about half of what I used to get. So the best way to maintain myself and be happy about it, is to keep my bicycles and sell off my motorbikes. I now have 13 bicycles.

Anyway, back to blogging, I will try to write as english as possible, and if I find it too difficult for me, then I will add Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or even Thai. What do you think?

Acid Mustafa